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Tutorial of Forwarding Service

This article provides guidance on how to efficiently and accurately create forwarding orders. Please find the details below.

1. Scenarios for Forwarding Orders

Domestic merchants: You can use CNfans’ convenient international logistics services to send goods to overseas users by sending the parcels to CNfans’ warehouse.

Domestic users: You can use CNfans’ convenient international logistics service to send objects to overseas friends and relatives by sending the parcels to CNfans’ warehouse.

Overseas users: If you need to send goods purchased fromthird-party platforms (such as Taobao, Weidian, Tmall) to overseas, you can use CNfans’ convenient international logistics service by sending the parcel to CNfans’ warehouse.

2. How to Create a Forwarding Order

Step 1: Click on “Forwarding Order” on the homepage or go to “My Orders” and click “+ Forwarding Order Self Service” at the top of the page to access the forwarding order creation page.

Before creating a forwarding order, please read and accept the statement by checking the box “I have read and accept the above items”, and then click “OK” to fill out the forwarding order.

Step 2: Obtain the CNfans warehouse address through the forwarding order filling page or online customer service, and provide it to the sender to send the products to that address. Please request the courier bill number from the sender.

Step 3: Please fill in the information of the tracking number of the goods to be shipped according to the requirements on the page. Correctly filling in the parcel’s tracking number can maximize the efficiency of the forwarding order entry and product information matching, and reduce the processing time delay caused by the CNfans team’s interaction with you and secondary confirmation due to incorrect information filling.

Step 4: After entering all the courier numbers, click “Submit” to generate the forwarding order. You can view it in “My Orders”.

Please note:

Each additional line of courier order number during the creation of a forwarding order represents adding an order. The CNfans team will classify the products in an order under a product, take QC photos, and store them in the warehouse. If the number of products in a single express parcel is large or the volume of a single unit is large, the CNfans team will take QC photos of the products in the parcel separately and store them in the warehouse, resulting in multiple product.

Please make sure to fill in the correct courier bill number that needs to be forwarded, according to the logistics bill number provided by the Seller.