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Shopping Assistant Guidance


STEP1: Select Product

Method 1

Select product(s) from Chinese e-commerce websites and copy the links of your desired products. Then paste the links in the search field on CNfans.

Method 2

Use the product name to search on CNfans and select from the results on Taobao, Tmall, and 1688.com.

  1. Search is available on Taobao, Tmall, JD,  1688, Yupoo, and Weidian.
  2. If you are unable to search for products, try using our “DIY Oders service.

STEP2:Submit Order

You may

Choose item’s color, size, and quantity, then proceed to add to cart or checkout.


Enter product details and complete your order (e.g. products from other online shopping websites such as Yupoo, Xianyu


1.Please note that restrictions may apply for international delivery.

2.Be aware of the potential risks associated with purchasing products on 1688. See CNfans’  shopping agent notice for more information.

3.Also, keep in mind that most suppliers on 1688 have a minimum order requirement. Check the supplier’s minimum order quantity before placing your order.

STEP3:Pay For Product(s)

Select a payment method and make payment for the prodduct(s) and Chinese demestic shipping fee.

STEP4:CNfans Purchase For Your orders

CNfans agent team will reach out to the seller and purchase the items you have ordered.


You can add a note during the purchase process to contact us for additional information. If necessary, we will reach out to you through email or message to request any missing information.

STEP5:Quality Inspection And Storage

Quality control will be conducted and the items will be stored in the warehouse. You can check the status of your item by visiting “My Account” and selecting “Orders”/”Warehouse”.


1.Once the item arrives at our warehouse, a thorough quality inspection will be conducted, including taking photos for your review. If any issues are found, we will notify you promptly.

2.Note that products purchased from 1688 have a different set of quality control standards.

STEP6:Submit For Delivery

Go to ‘Warehouse’ page, select items, and submit for delivery. Then, fill in your recipient’s information and choose the suggested shipping line.

  1. Some items may have restrictions on some shipping lines. We have selected some recommended shipping line options for you to choose from.

  2. Additional services, such as removal of packaging, reinforcement of package, and insurance, are available. Please contact your agent and send your special request before you submit your parcel.

STEP7:Pay Intl Shipping Fee

Choose a payment method and pay your international shipping fees.

  1. The international shipping fees is determined based on the weight/size of the parcel, the chosen shipping line, and the destination.

  2. The final shipping cost will be calculated based on the actual size and weight of the parcel as confirmed by the shipping company, the specific billing method is shown in the “estimation” page.

STEP8:Parcel Deivery (Intl Shipping)!

Pack all products you submitted into one package, strengthen the package,  and dispatch for delivery.


Track your parcel on “My account”- “Parcel” after it has been sent.

STEP9:Waiting Delivery

Track your parcel on “My account”- “Parcel” after it has been sent.


International package shipments come with the risk of accidents such as delays, confiscation, taxes, damage, and missing packages. CNfans cannot control or prevent such incidents, which may occur during the handling of the package by a third-party logistics company or customs. However, CNfans strives to provide the best service and will inform you about the shipping situation for your selected country and assist you in case of any issues.

STEP10:Delivered & Review

To confirm the delivery of your parcel, go to “My account” and select “Parcel.” If you have any questions about the parcel, you can contact us through the “contact” ticket or our online service.


Remember to earn bonus by posting a CNfans-related review video on your social media and sharing through “Apply Reward”. You can get up to 100% cash reward (the total amount of order& shipping).