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Scopes of CNfans Agent Procurement

CNfans provides various logistics routes for you to use if you’re looking to send your items from China to anywhere. To ensure that your parcels are able to be shipped to their final destination, it is always advisable to follow the purchasing scopes of goods very strictly.

Guidance on Prohibited Items

Based on the differences of the customs policies from different countries, some countries or regions are more sensitive about special goods, and the probability of being fined and confiscated when entering the local customs will be slightly higher. Including but not limited to following items:

Meat: precooked food

Electronics: mobile phones (with batteries), magnetic components, power bank

Clothing category: brands

Others: liquid, powder, compressed gas, gold and silver jewelry, diamonds, coins, antiques

Digital products, accessories
The quality of Taobao merchants is uneven. We cannot do professional identification for professional digital products, and it is recommended that you carefully select the high-quality sellers to buy items, such as Jingdong, Yi Xun and other hypermarket.

United Kingdom

Sensitive with importing beef


Sensitive with importing leather shoes


Sensitive with importing animal fur, wood products, and seeds are not suitable for mailing


Sensitive with importing products made by animal leather or wood

You can send following items via us

Clothing, bags, shoes

Books, jewelry, digital products, small household appliances, etc.

Household items (such as curtains, bed sheets, and wall paintings)

Dinnerware, toys, small furniture, glasses, CDs, etc.