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Disclaimer of Shopping Agent and Parcel Forward Services

I. Disclaimer for Third-Party Shopping Agents at CNfans

All shopping agent orders placed at CNfans will be processed by highly-rated third-party shopping agents, who are trained and supervised by us to help you purchase from China in line with our service standards and your business needs! Together with them, CNfans is committed to offering ingenious services to all our users around the world!

All products displayed in the web pages of shopping agent service and product search results at CNfans are from third-party shopping platforms, which are not sold by us. Therefore, CNfans and the third-party shopping agents shall not be liable for any obligations or liabilities related to such products (including but not limited to copyright or intellectual property rights infringement), nor bear any legal liability or joint liability therefrom.

II. Purchasing Service Standard for CNfans Third-party Shopping Agents