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Compensation Standard for Uninsured Parcel

1. Compensation Details

If your package is lost/damaged and you did not purchase package insurance when submitting the waybill, we will compensate according to the compensation standard for each route. You can contact online customer service to apply for compensation.

2. Compensation Standard


1. Force Majeure: Including but not limited to war, natural disaster(earthquake, cyclone, storm, flood, etc.), nuclear radiation, nuclear explosion, nuclear contamination, and other radioactive contamination.

2. Customers can not provide related proof.

3. Exceeding the application deadline(no inquiry or no compensation request after signed 7 days or shipped within 45 days ), or the parcel was delivered during the application time.

4. The parcel was stolen or missing for certain reasons after delivery.

5. Products related to Non-Insurable categories, items in violation of the prohibition or restriction for delivery, confiscated by the competent authority or dealt with in accordance with relevant laws &regulations.

6. The parcel was damaged or lost due to the customers’ responsibility, deliberate actions, or the product itself a reason.

7. Other situations that can not apply for compensation.

How to Apply for Insurance Compensation
Contact our online customer service.

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