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Actual Weight and Volumetric Weight

It will have the actual weight and volumetric weight of the parcel of some routes, and the route will charge the freight according to the greater of the two.

What is the actual weight?
That is the weight of the product itself, and plus the package weight of the packaging materials used for the product.

What is volumetric weight?
Volumetric weight is a method for calculating the weight of light cargo in the transportation industry, that is, when the volume of the package is too large and the actual weight is small, the volumetric weight billing method will be used.

How to calculate volumetric weight?
Volume weight (KG) = package length (CM) × width (CM) × height (CM)) / 5000 (or 6000, 7000, 8000 which according to the standards of third-party logistics providers).

Does my parcel count for volumetric weight?
If you want to know whether your parcel is calculated by volume before submitting it, please check through Shipping Fee Estimation
(Reminder: Shipping Fee Estimation is for reference only, the actual charges are subject to the warehouse packing)